How to Choose Wine Glasses for a Wine

Choose two different types or sizes of wineglasses. 

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Select smaller wineglasses for white wine and larger glasses for red wine. Generally, more full-bodied wines work best in slightly larger glasses while lighter, fruitier wines can do well in smaller glasses. The reason that white wine glasses need to be smaller is that white wine should not warm up too much before it is consumed. As for the size of red wine glasses, the more generous, the better, to allow for a third fill and the rest of the glass permitting aeration.

Select a balloon shaped wineglass to allow the wine to promote better flavor and to allow the wine to develop its full bouquet. Wine needs room to breathe and a tapered shape is the best for releasing the aroma.For still wine, have a fine, plain and colorless glass. If the glass is chunky, has designs or color, you won't be able to appreciate the appearance of the wine inside.Wine expert Joanna Simon recommends that a glass should be able to fit a quarter bottle of wine to about a third to half of the glass.

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Choose fluted or tulip-shaped (champagne) glasses for sparkling wines and champagne. 

This shape helps keep the bubbles intact for longer and ensure the best flavor and aroma while drinking the sparkling wine.

Avoid using the Champagne saucer or coupe for champagne; it causes both bubbles and bouquet to disappear instantly.

Look for cut over rolled edges to the glass. 
This is more finished look and feels pleasant to the mouth touch.

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