Since 01/01/2020, Bar Code will be Required for Saudi Arabia Imports

For Saudi Arabia imports, besides the SABER launched in 1st Jan 2019, the 13-bit Bar Code will be further required starting from 1st Jan 2020.



The new certification scheme, “SABER”, is upgraded from the SASO authentication and will replace SASO authentication. For now, it is required that all the goods must get SABER certificate or SASO certificate (For some goods still implemented old rules) before imported to Saudi Arabia.

To get a SABER Certificate (or SC, for short), the Product COC Certificate (Called PC) will be needed first, and then use the PC to apply for the SC. If electric appliances, it is requested to get the certificate of CB or GCC, or registration of Energy Efficiency and IECEE before applying for the SC.


Bar Code

As for the latest 13-bit Bar Code requirement, it will start from 1st Jan 2020. That is, there must be a bar code with 13 numbers printed or stick on outer box and shown on the invoice and packing list. Once scanning the bar code, there must be read out 13 numbers.


Each certificate requires different documents. How can COMESOON help?

  • For SABER, SASO, PC, CB, GCC and IECEE -- COMESOON have agents that have been cooperated for years. We will help our customers to do these customs-related issues. No any worries about goods import declaration into Saudi Arabia.

  • For 13-bit Bar Code -- COMESOON have been using it since starting business, therefore, NO impact on COMESOON.


If you like to import to Saudi, please feel free to contact!