Mobile Key Adoption Trend

free from using door card to enter guestroom

Mobile key adoption is rising among hotels. According to Hotel Management news, hotels’ use of mobile devices as room keys had a sizable two-year increase, moving from 6 percent in 2016 to 17 percent in 2018. Particularly in Hangzhou, China, The FlyZoo Hotel already adopted this new technology to let guests free easy of entering, even facial recognition. But before transforming hotel door card to mobile key, hoteliers may need to consider following issues for the first.

Why do you want to change?

Do you want to change make your hotel experience better for guests? Or do you just want to make it look cool? This is the question. In traditional regions, people are used to use material door card because they seldom use mobile, no wonder the mobile way will make life harder. But in metropolitan, mobile key absolutely can improve guest safety, simply hotel management, faster to check-in due to skipping the front desk.  

Will it help to save cost?

Hotels that adopt mobile key as the first option for guests see the best adoption and return on investment. Hotels that offer mobile key as a secondary option to the traditional plastic keycard typically see much lower guest usage. Normally, mobile key costs the hotel about half what ID keycard costs, but there may be no cost savings versus a magstripe keycard.

So, what is the technological change behind this transforming? One thing is to remove central computer, which controls the hotel premises' locks, and to move to the cloud. This cloud-based abilities allow hoteliers to integrate and to clarify security vulnerabilities.

All the changes, are actually gradually linked to one word " Internet of Things". Possibly, the next step of technology applying in hotels, are to make it more "smart". Guests can connect and control just via their phone, or face recognition.