Tight Production in China

It is now approaching China New Year (25th, Jan). Most industries are speeding up processing, particularly the production and sales.

Inventory and Hot-sales

One is to run out of stocks and hot-sales, which was largely achieved by Double Eleven Shopping Festival on 11th Nov. For example, it only took Tmall 21 seconds to get 10 billion RMB sales, 96 seconds to 10 billion RMB and 325 seconds to 30 billion RMB. On this day, 268.4 billion RMB sales was acheived in Tmall. Stocks and Hotsale products were nearly run out.

(Picture Credit: Tmall Media Center in 11/11/2019)

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New Products

Another one is to catch customer demand for new products. New style, new technique, new fashion or just normal customization, all takes labor cost. If it is during the mid year, production is not a big issue. However, this is a special time. 

Known to people familiar with China, New Year in lunar calendar is the real start for Chinese people and it is high time for family to be reunited. In production industry, most workers come from remote small villages and rarely come back home till New Year. Therefore, upon New Year, there will be extreme traffic rush -- north to south, east to west. The travel takes long long time, and government will launch special period, called Spring Festival travel rush.
(Picture Credit: CCTV.COM, 2018 Spring Festival Travel Rush)
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For 2020 Spring Festival travel rush, it will start today (Nov. 16, 2019) for migrant workers to book train tickets, per China railway Guangzhou bureau group co LTD post on 15th, Nov. And it will be lasting till 11th, February.

This long travel time will normally lead to tight production at the end of year in China and will resume work, usually, in mid-February. 

It is recommended for purchasers to schedule order time well and respond as soon as possible. 

For exact product production timetable or new inquiry, please contact.

(cover picture credit: Unsplash - wanxi)