We Found a Way to Free You out of Chaos in Hotel Purchasing!

create, select and manage products in your own database

When hotel open and come to daily operation, efficient ways to manage and coordinate the whole running is essential for budgeting and profit earning. However, the real situation can be: Different departments ask for same products at different quantity and different details while buying from different suppliers. Then, sourcing, discussion, sample getting, transportation... all largely increases the costs and lead to chaos. For small-medium hotel brand groups, consisting of varies of brands and managers, this problem may be much more headache. 

Can we work it out? The answer is YES!

For last several years, COMESOON keeps working to set up a purchasing system, to be used by all hotels and their branches.

Supervision by "leader"

"Leader" can be owner, CEO, PM... it is up to clients. No need to do details but can follow up process and do approval.

Shared product library

single product but can be requested by different branches.

Details by departments

Departments can tell products detailed request and discuss with supply chain directly to ensure satisfaction.

Schedule control

requirement time, lead time, deliver time... are on the table.

Only 6 steps, all purchasing processes are under your manage!

1. set up requirement and plan

build own company's product library and monthly/branch purchasing plan.

2. authorized to get COMESOON database

100,000+ FF&E, OS&E products
5000+ suppliers

3. add products to requirement

all products you need can be put here, from you & all members in your company, and you can see the submitter

4. view and comment quote

You are freely to communicate in the system, COMESOON supply chain will automatically respond to you, including lead time, stocking....

5. easy approval process

can see all interacting details and keep follow up, approve by click and sign.

6. track shipment

see when and how the cargo get to you.

People in charge always want to bring his/her team to better and brighter future. Open your account and give it a try!