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Economic Crisis=>Business -60%

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One-stop service Procurement Management System will solve all your problems. It's very convenient and quick.

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COMESOON's Public Welfare Project to Help Fighting the COVID-19

1. Inspect hundreds of medical supply factories

2. Share all the information to global anti COVID-19 institutions

3. Provide help for procurement and shipment

Medical supply database including each factory’s qualification certificates, contacts, inspection, samples etc are all available in COMESOON’s online procurement management system, please send your request to, and we will open a portal account for you upon approval.

Successful Experience of Controlling COVID-19
As hospitality supply chain leader in China, we have made the following measures to help our partners to work together to overcome difficulties;
Now the domestic newly affected in China reduce to almost ZERO, except imported cases which is very few, after the most strictly controlled epidemic prevention measures, China has successfully controlled the epidemic. 
We compiled the most complete experience slots of Chinese government, organizations, schools and communities etc in the past two months, and translated into different languages for everyone to download and refer to
the page at:


Based in Guangzhou, COMESOON help build and operate hotels all over the world, with powerful supply chain to offer procurement management and solution services. 

Apart from hospitality procurement management services, we supply  FF&E, OS&E and F&B to all over the world and take care of inspection and shipment. We now have 140,000 products, 5000 suppliers, 900 categories,  covering over 90% of hotel and catering supply demand.  

For hotel interior finish, furnishing, preopen, operation and renovation, we offer targeted solutions tailoring to each customer need. See servicefor more details.