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Thanks to the Chinese government’s remarkable leadership,the COVID-19 epidemic in China is leveling off with the efforts of united Chinese people. However, the COVID-19 is still spreading rapidly abroad.
As many countries are short of medical supplies which has caused medical workers and front-line personals infected and sacrificed. With the growing number of infected patients and death rate, many International friends are looking for medical supplies urgently.
Nevertheless, it exists an immoral phenomenon in the market recently: bid up prices, pass off shoddy goods, business cheating, which is really too bad.
In front of life, everyone is equal, regardless of color, nationality, rich or poor.
Same earth we live, same destiny we share!
As a responsible industry leader, COMESOON hereby announces the following public benefit programs and makes the following commitments:
1. Use all resources to find the best medical material manufacturers, inspect their factories personally,verify their qualifications, share with the global medical and related institutions for connection.
2. Mobilize all staffs and global partners to provide as much assistance as we can: purchasing assistance, production monitoring assistance, customs clearance assistance, international logistics assistance, etc.
3. Collect successful experiences of China's fight against the new epidemic and translate them into languages of all countries for reference.
All the above information will be publicly available in real time on the website, for each supplier we are uploading their quality certificates and production facility pictures and videos and real time production capacity.
The strength of our company is small, so we need to invite friends to join our temporary public welfare team. Now we are in urgent need of the following teams and assistance.
1. Medical materials factory development teams Collect and verify the information of medical materials factories in production all over the country and even all over the world.
2. Global medical anti-epidemic agency docking teams Find the country's medical, Red Cross, and anti-epidemic departments, and release these verified manufacturer information and reports to them
3. Performance documentary assistance team. Assist the buyers to conduct rapid production monitoring, inspection, shipment, logistics, customs declaration, inspection, delivery and other arrangements
4. International logistics and customs clearance resources We need international logistics service providers that provides air transportation of medical supplies to customs clearance.
All the above information will be publicly available in real time on the website, Tencent share document and working groups.
In the face of natural disasters, human beings are very small. Only countries around the world go hand in hand can we win the war against the epidemic. With development of the community of shared future for mankind, no one is immune. If the virus is not contained and the world economy collapses, triggering a domino effect, China will also face serious difficulties. The peoples of the world have never been so closely connected as they are today. As Chinese citizens, we should give full play to our advantages, do our best efforts to help save more lives, and add more power to the world war against disease. In the meantime, we are supposed to win honour for our country and increase international status and sense of dignity, rejuvenating the Chinese nation in terms of economics and identity.
The Chinese Successful Experience of Controlling Coronavirus (COVID-19)
As hospitality supply chain leader in China, we have made the following measures to help our partners to work together to overcome difficulties;
Now the domestic newly affected in China reduce to almost ZERO, except imported cases which is very few, after the most strictly controlled epidemic prevention measures, China has successfully controlled the epidemic. 
We compiled the most complete experience slots of Chinese government, organizations, schools and communities etc in the past two months, and translated into different languages for everyone to download and refer to
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