Designed for simplicity

Safe, Efficient, Economic, Sustainable

One-stop Procurement Solution

Sourcing & Selection
Cooperative negotiation
Production control
Packaging & labeling


Management System

After-sale service
Declaration & clearance
Transportation & loading plan

Depth factory inspection

Competitive product selection

To ensure quality
Cooperative Negotiation

Sign contracts and verify accounts

Pay according to production schedule

To reduce commercial fraud

Production Control

Monitor the whole process

Professional QC service

Multiple inspection

To ensure quality.

Packaging & labeling
  • 1
    Customize packaging according to the characteristics of the products.
  • 2
    IQ / SKU unique coding on label to ensure accurate distribution.
  • Transportation & loading plan
  • 1
    Provide the most optimal solution by comparison.
  • 2
    Formulate loading & unloading plans and arrange cargo distribution according to the distance and product properties.
  • 3
    Monitor the whole process of loading and unloading to achieve precise control.
  • Declaration & clearance
  • 1
    One-stop customs declaration for special products to solve export problems.
  • 2
    Investigate import requirements of various countries to prevent import obstacles.
  • 3
    Document and certificate services guarantee the efficiency of customs clearance.
  • After-sale service
  • 1
    Provide installation services.
  • 2
    Online customer service system.
  • 3
    Suppliers are directly responsible for solving after-sales problems.
  • 1.Provide product library for quick purchase.

    2.Provide accurate procurement plan to avoid redundancy and waste.

    3.Help reduce the logistics cost of small batch purchases.

    4.Ensure confidentiality and independence of information.